Aug. 4, 2019

Meet the Future You

Meet the Future You

Below is the transcript of episode 8 of the One Last Thought podcast, titled "Meet the Future You" and I wanted to share it as a blog post, as there is so much value to be gained by these powerful thoughts shared by Heather Parady and Jordan Gross. Enjoy.


My greatest fear in life is that on my last day on this earth, the person who I became would meet the person who I could have become.


Your gifts, your talents, your abilities are not just there for you. They're not there to torment you or to distract you. They're not there for any other reason than for you to use them and be faithful to them.


Fear the what if more than you actually fear the what.


Paying really close attention to who you are naturally, the things that you're naturally good at and that you love to do, and that you do in your spare time and no one has to force you to do but you keep returning to it over and over and over again, that thing that keeps you up late at night. It's there for a reason.


And to think that there can be such disparities between these two people is absolutely terrifying. You have to be more afraid to think back and look back with regret, then you actually are afraid to go ahead and do something.

Use your gifts, use your talents, your abilities to make a difference in this world.


In attempting to attain this type of cloud nine life that I want everybody to live. So, if there's that business idea, I want you to be more scared to think back years from now and say what if I would have started sooner than you actually are scared to go ahead and start that business.


I think it's so interesting how unique all of us are the things that interest me, and I could spend hours doing something that would bore the next person and vice versa, things that come naturally to you and may be very difficult for me.


It's there to be celebrated. It's there to be used, and it's there to help someone else in some way.


Live your life according to the plan that you have and the stories that you want to tell, and you will ultimately have zero regrets.


You will live a more fulfilled life and you're going to impact so many people along the way.


The last thing I'll leave you with is this, be more afraid of the what if then you actually are of the what.