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A very motivational pod!
Love this podcast, the uplifting, positive messages really help me get through the day and stay in a positive mood! It gets me motivated to do better and be better. The messages are short and sweet and so easy to listen to in the morning to get your day started on the right track! -Bringthemio Podcast

This is a new favorite podcast! I love the design/format of it - short episodes packed with incredible value from inspiring guests. Fantastic!

Love the intentionality
I listened to several episodes from episode 38-34 (I just let it keep playing). I love how intentional he is about having bite-sized wisdom in each episode. He has such a nice and calming voice (if that makes sense), and it was nice and encouraging to listen to while I multitasked at work

Love the concept, love the execution
I really love the idea of sharing nuggets of wisdom. As a podcaster myself, I really admire the production and thought behind these short episodes. Well done, Ido!

Life From the Well
Powerful Short and uplifting. Words I use to describe my mother, and also this podcast. Thanks for the content!

Leading edge podcast with super import wisdom coming at you! Highly recommend!

Troy Talks
I love this unique style. It’s different. Great host and podcast.

Put it in Your Queue
So well done. Host is a D1 basketball coach. Great leadership podcast!

Right to the Heart of the matter
Thank you for this format of inspiration. Thank you for spotlighting so many relevant topics and people. This is truly what the future of podcasting is. God Bless.

Unique and Powerful
The One Last Thought Podcast is a unique show; each brief episode contains something powerful and positive for you to take away into the day with you. It’s unusual format is especially nice, as each episode is under 10 minutes or less, so if you’re short on time but still want to have an entire episode experience, you can. Fantastic concept, with a positive message behind it. This show is a keeper!

Thoughtful, evocative
I love the power of the one big idea and this show’s to-the-point format.

Must listen
This is a really inspiring podcast! Each episode is a quick and easy listen, with encouraging and courageous guests that provide wonderful nuggets of wisdom. A must-listen!

Great Interviews
I’m always impressed with the guests Ido Singer brings on week over week. I also love these lessons are short and easy to squeeze into my busy scheduled.

Very actionable!
Great, great, great podcast for individuals who are looking to improve their leadership skills! Each episode is packed with wisdom but has just enough content to not overwhelm you! Highly recommend!

Awesome Podcast
Great concept for a podcast and great episodes! Tons of motivation!

Bite-sized, actionable insight
I love the format of this podcast. Quick, actionable leadership insights from Ido Singer & a few awesome guests!

Great Podcast
Great procast, awesome host, give it a listen

Amazing Insight!
I love everything about this podcast and wished it’d been around when I was younger...even as I approach 40 I am able to learn so much from the experts And leaders Ido has on the show. Thank you to all who share their wisdom and for Ido for putting this out into the world.

A must listen!
There are many podcasts, but this one is for everyone! There is no group you have to be a parr of, it is just knowledge for everyone. Subscribe, listen, learn! You won't be sorry! It will be the best 8 minutes of your day!

Mind Mash
Love, love, love this show. I’m not embarrassed to admit I binge listened to every episode available. Love the interplay between the two voices. Push the button, subscribe, and start from the can thank me later 🙌🏾

Great format difficult challenge
As a podcast host myself I can only imagine how difficult it is to interview such powerful ensightful wise people and get them to share just one thought in just a few minutes in a coherent and effective manner that motivates the listeners to take action. I appplaud your ambition, and you are doing a great job. Thanks, Max

Love The Format
I always say Let’s Get It Let’s Go. These quick insights allow you to get it quick and go do something with it.

You NEED to hear this...
This podcast provides leadership and inspiration quick-bites, which you can consume in under 10 minutes, to help you start your day on a positive note. The format isn't like anything that's out there, and creates a follow of powerful message to provoke thought, and help set you up for life. I know it's unconventional to write a self-review, but I truly believe this podcast has tremendous benefits, and I love making it for you all. Stay inspired.

Great format!
Knowing Ido through basketball, I am impressed with his podcast and how it can easily relate to aspects of everyone’s life. As a coach, small business owner, and most importantly a father, The One Last Thought podcast is a quick snippet that is easily understood with a powerful message. Thank you for sharing Ido!

It's such a novel idea to get right down to the Grand Finale of speeches and interviews while saving all the (long) fluffy introductory mumbo jumbo! The host, Ido Singer is such a professional in that he's able to condense interviews into short yet informative clips. Without a doubt, this podcast is surely going to grow in audience size!

Love the concept
Such great wisdom shared in seven minutes or less!

Get after it!
Just a phenomenal way to Start your day. I’ve been way more productive and energized since I started listening to this in the morning. Of course it would be inspiring at any part of the day too!

Danielle Mahoney
I love the inspiration, drive and thoughtfulness behind these podcasts. As a mom of two teenage boys, I am constantly giving them my “one last thoughts” to guide them to become strong productive men. This podcast invites us to listen together and open the doors to conversation and discussion. Thank you, Ido!

Great Concept
Ido has put together a great concept. Love this new show. Two thumbs up.

Bite sized wisdom
This podcast brings you advice and inspiration from all kinds of leaders, shared in their own words and voices. This is a very creative idea for a podcast, and it is well produced and curated. It’s fun to listen to — and you will definitely learn something new in each episode!