One Last Thought

One Last Thought

Each Sunday, join Ido Singer, a college basketball coach, as he blends the powerful life-lessons of two great leaders into one actionable message you can put into action immediately. In a never been done before format, Ido explores many inspiration, motivation, business, mental health, entrepreneurial and uplifting messages and creates a mash-up you can learn from as well as act upon to better your life today.

Recent Episodes

Don't Panic - Kinsey Grant, Darren Paltrowitz - Episode 66

In this week’s episode of The One Last Thought Podcast, we are joined by two great leaders in Darren Paltrowitz and Kinsey Grant. Unbeknownst to one another, they were both sharing their take on how important it is to approach life with a strategic mindset by setting goals, standards and priorities, but also an interesting take on how to work smarter by seeing your end-result first and working backwards.

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Life Is Your Training Session - Alex Demczak, Mike "C-Roc" Cirrocco - Episode 65

In this week’s episode of The One Last Thought Podcast, we are joined by two great leaders in Alex Demczak and Mike “C-Roc” Cirrocco. Unbeknownst to one another, they were both sharing their take on how life keeps putting us through various tests, trials and tribulations, and how all of those are merely training sessions, preparing you to become the person you were destined to become.

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About the Host

Ido Singer

I am a collegiate basketball coach, working with and empowering young women to meet the potential they often do not even know they have. As a former member of the Israeli Air Force, I employ many disciplines I have acquired during my training into my leadership skills, such as accountability, communication, and empowerment.

I am also the creator and one-man-show-operator of the One Last Thought Podcast. An inspirational and motivational podcast that uses a brand new podcasting format to infuse and share the wisdom and life-lessons of many great leaders with the world.


Life From the Well

"Powerful Short and uplifting. Words I use to describe my mother, and also this podcast. Thanks for the content!"

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Unique and Powerful

"The One Last Thought Podcast is a unique show; each brief episode contains something powerful and positive for you to take away into the day with you…"

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Mind Mash

"Love, love, love this show. I’m not embarrassed to admit I binge listened to every episode available. Love the interplay between the two voices. Push…"

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A Must Have Podcast In Your Queue

"Such an inspirational podcast to showcase strength, resiliency, and wisdom. Thank you for the great honor of being a part of this amazing podcast. …"

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Powerful and Impactful

"In a world of constant chaos and charing dreams, One Last Thought comes to us as a fresh breath of air. Ido created this powerful platoform wherre pe…"

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Creative and well produced!

"A great collection of knowledge from an eclectic background. Definitely offers great perspective and food for thought!"

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Bite-Sized Nuggets of Wisdom

"This podcast is amazing because it is so digestible. And also, the way the concept is structured, it reminds me of my favorite book, Tuesdays with Mo…"

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