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A Must Have Podcast In Your Queue

Such an inspirational podcast to showcase strength, resiliency, and wisdom. Thank you for the great honor of being a part of this amazing podcast. This podcast should be in everyone's queue and I look forward to the upcoming episodes. Ido is masterful at weaving positive affirmations into a podcast that you listen to on repeat. You are a true inspiration Ido for bringing this podcast to life.

Great concept

Love this idea for a podcast! This isn't just for the upcoming generation its great lessons and reminder at any age!

Powerful and Impactful

In a world of constant chaos and charing dreams, One Last Thought comes to us as a fresh breath of air. Ido created this powerful platoform wherre people from different walk of life. This is much needed in the world we live and our children.

Creative and well produced!

A great collection of knowledge from an eclectic background. Definitely offers great perspective and food for thought!

Great concept!

As a busy person I love that the podcast is 7 minutes, in and out. The leadership tips are thought-provoking and get to the point. Bravo!

Inspiring Podcastđź’«

This is a creative and unique podcast that will give you inspiration to start your day!

Inspired Wisdom

I love this podcast. In just six minutes you’ll hear wisdom that will make you question your thinking, inspire you and motivate you towards your dreams and desires.


One Last Thought is very unique in the success podcast space. Ido does an amazing job putting these listenable epidoses together. Highly recommended.

Excellent show!

Love what Ido has put together! Creative, insightful, and NEEDED! Must listen!

Quick Listen but deep wisdom!

This is one podcast you MUST listen to. No excuses, less than 10 min but so deep with wisdom! No matter where you are in life, very applicable!!

Creative and sincere

I really enjoy the creativity and sincerity with which these soundbites of inspiration and wisdom are woven together.

Great podcast!

One Last Thought is inspiring and a great way to start your day. I love the quick, bite-sized wisdom. Can’t wait for more episodes!

Bite-Sized Nuggets of Wisdom

This podcast is amazing because it is so digestible. And also, the way the concept is structured, it reminds me of my favorite book, Tuesdays with Morrie. Learning about life by considering our last moments or experiences is so important!