July 8, 2019

I Wrote My own Eulogy

I Wrote My own Eulogy

Below is the transcript of episode 2 of the One Last Thought podcast, titled "I Wrote My Own Eulogy" and I wanted to share it as a blog post, as there is so much value to be gained by these powerful thoughts shared by Ashley M. Williams and Jesse Cole. Enjoy.


The one piece of advice I would give to future generations is to always trust your gut.


We just need to go all-in on us. We need to love ourselves, if we don't love ourselves and who we are, and what we represent and the person we are, how can we be the best for others?


I hope that future generations will learn to do that and tap into the ripple effect of themselves, who it is they aspired to be, and all that they have to offer to the world and trusting their gut and trusting what has been placed within them in order to do so.


And to do that, I believe you have to go all-in on yourself. And how do we do that we take chances, we put ourselves out there; we're vulnerable. We show weakness. We're open to the world out there and being adventurous. And I think when we do that, we will have the freedom and fulfillment in our life that matters most and truly make an impact on the world.


I think sometimes, especially because we can sometimes guess ourselves or doubt ourselves, that we don't understand the gravity of knowing our own inner truth or inner voice, our inner wisdom that has been instilled in each of us. And I think purposefully living in that consistently really helps you and who it is that you become and how you approach life, especially in situations that you encounter when really trusting your gut, offhand will save you in so many instances or protect you or give you keen insight that can really help you to navigate something.


You need to be all of you all the time and you need to amplify it. You know, we're so set on fitting in, but I believe we're all born to stand out.


You out of everyone knows what you should be doing, why you should be doing it, why you're here.


Don't hold back. Don't live a life of regrets. Get rid of your fear or at least embrace it and understand your fear and say you know what? I’m gonna be me, and I'm going to amplify it. I'm going to be proud of who I am and I'm going to show myself to the world. I'm going to share my story, I'm going to live it, I'm going to put myself out there every single day. And if people don't like it, that's okay. And if people think that this isn't who I should be, it doesn't matter, I'm going to be me.


I think sometimes we just don't give ourselves the opportunity to really tap into that and to really live in that.


We can't hold ourselves back. We need to put ourselves out there. We need to not be afraid of the fear in our life. In my early 30s, I wrote my eulogy and how I would be remembered. I thought is a question that we all should ask and reverse engineer our life. And I think we have this fear of what other people will think. I think we just need to be proud of the person that we are. We need to continue to improve get better. We need to compete against ourselves, not compete against others, but compete. Are you a better person tomorrow than you were today?


Hearing that consistently. has really changed my life and my entrepreneurial journey and just really my journey in life in general. 


My One Last Thought is to live a life of no regrets.