July 28, 2019

Don't Forget to Breathe

Don't Forget to Breathe

Below is the transcript of episode 6 of the One Last Thought podcast, titled "Don't Forget to Breathe" and I wanted to share it as a blog post, as there is so much value to be gained by these powerful thoughts shared by Jennipher Walters and Michael OBrien. Enjoy.


Don't forget to breathe.


You cannot hate yourself healthy.


It's a simple process where you can just connect with your breath to slow everything down so you can go faster.


You cannot hate yourself healthy but also cannot hate yourself happy.


It's your anchor, your core, it will help you focus when you need to focus the most.


If you can get to a place where yourself where you really love yourself and honor yourself and take care of yourself. So many other pieces fall into place be that relationships, career, health, fitness, all of that really, really does fall into place when you honor and respect and love yourself as you are.


It's your one constant along your journey from the moment you're born to the moment you pass, things will change, but your breath will always be with you.


I know that there's a lot of pressures out there that make you feel like you really have to look a certain way or get to do a certain thing or just succeed in a certain way. But really your way in your path is going to be the best way and the best path.


I developed a process that I call "grabbing a PBR", but it's not the type of PBR you might be thinking about. I'm not talking about Pabst Blue Ribbon, but rather pause, breathe and reflect. So, you can use that space between your first thought and that second thought or between your event and your label to be more mindful to be more thoughtful and to be more intentional with your next action or your next word.


From everything that I've learned in my life, lots of trials and tribulations are that self-love really has to be the foundation of everything that you do and that your relationship with yourself and how much you can learn to love yourself exactly as you are in this moment is really paramount to you reaching all of your goals.


All the events in our lives are neutral until we put a label on them and using that space in between our event and our label gives us more power over our lives.


Remember, you cannot hate yourself healthy. You cannot hate yourself happy and you were put here to do more than worry about your weight or possibly even succeed in ways that you think you have to.


In life, we're bound to get hit by an arrow. We will trip, we will fall but we need to find a way to get back up again, to be resilient. And when we get back up, we might get hit by a second arrow and we have a choice. We can react, we can get angry, we get frustrated, we can get worried or filled with anxiety. But when we connect with our breath, it gives us a chance to be mindful; thoughtful about our next action.


Honor that. Listen to that. Pay attention to your intuition. Try not to doubt yourself, learn. Give yourself grace and beauty and all of your mistakes. Keep going. Enjoy the journey. And yeah, self-love, first and foremost. Best of luck.


So, when things get hectic when you feel stressed because you will feel stress along your journey, you might feel stuck and without any options. When all this happens, grab a PBR, and don't forget to breathe.