July 21, 2019

I Forgot My "WHY"

I Forgot My

Below is the transcript of episode 5 of the One Last Thought podcast, titled "I Forgot My "WHY" and I wanted to share it as a blog post, as there is so much value to be gained by these powerful thoughts shared by Joi Walker and Matthew Mullins. Enjoy.


If I had one last thought that I could share with humanity, I would tell people to find this sweet spot.


If I had to leave one piece of advice for the next generation, it would be, know why it is you do what you do. Understand your purpose for it and live out your purpose for what it is that you do.


It is so important to find your sweet spot in life. Find your lane, find your unique niche, whatever you want to call it, you were put on this earth for a particular reason and nobody else can fill that need like you can.


When I was playing basketball, there was a spot on the floor and if I could get there and get a decent Look, my coach knew it was going in and I knew it was going in. But I had no idea that same principle would carry over to life.


There was a point in time that I forgot why it was that I was teaching and coaching.


But once you find your sweet spot in life, everything changes, doors open, things get aligned, things start to make sense and until you find it, you will always be wondering what people are talking about when they talk about finding their "It", finding their lane, finding their reason for living. If you have to dedicate years of your life to find it - do that.


Eventually, it got to a point where it was about the wins. It was about the next job title. It wasn't about the kids. It wasn't about impacting their lives. It wasn't about helping them grow.


You have to see yourself that way. See yourself as an answer. See yourself as a person with a unique solution. Find your sweet spot.


Once I realized that I started into a process of rediscovering that why.


The issue, the struggle comes in when you try to figure out what it is. And oftentimes we need people to point out our strengths to us. We need people to show us when we can be strong because what we do well comes to us so easily that we don't even see it as a strength. We see it as our normal.


There is no rush. Nobody can take your seat. Nobody can take your slice of the pie. You have your own unique tribe your own unique people who are waiting for you to deliver the answer to their problem.


We don't get burned out because of the things that we do. We get burned out because we forget why we do what we do.


But if you're going to do that, you have to begin to see yourself differently. See yourself as a unique specialist. Take the time to find a sweet spot and I promise you will never regret it.